Our Team
Murlidhar Goswami
Mr. Murlidhar Goswami(Founder & Chairman)

Mr. Murlidhar Goswami was born in Bhagalpur, Bihar in 1986. He is a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application. He has been serving in the education industry as a trainer since 2008 and has worked with many prestigious organization.

As every working professional aspires, I also have one dream "Whatever you get from the society give it back to the society"

I am a self-driven, motivated demeanor and wants to contribute in development of the society at large.

My dedication and hard work has resulted in the birth of our NGO which brings educational awareness, career guidelines and financial support to underprivileged students.

Let's join hands to build one man's dreams into whole nation's dreams and bring change in this system.

-Murlidhar Goswami

Ms. Kanchan Dhasmana(General Secretary)

Ms. Kanchan was born in Delhi, in 1986. She is Graduate from Delhi University. She has good experiance as a Trainer and now she is dedicated to serve life for girls education and women empowerment.

I believe that "There is no scope of welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved". Women have suffered for decades, and that has given her infinite patience and infinite perseverance. We feel that there is a need for greater equality in the provision of basic services, secure shelter and opportunities of employment. We have always been part of a male dominated society. A male dominated society clearly indicates that women weren't equal to men. And to bring that equality that every human deserves; women empowerment is essential. Women empowerment is crucial and still needed and I'm sure that we together would be able to see that change soon- because that's what we have aimed for…!!

-Kanchan Dhasmana

Kundan Kumar Thakur
Mr. Kundan Kumar Thakur (Treasurer)

Mr. Kundan Kumar Thakur was born in Bhagalpur, Bihar in 1986. He is working as a Production Engineer at NIC(Nipro India Corporation). His aim to create a educated socity.

We look forward to educate people about religion and science as they could spread awareness about the smart way of using the advanced technology, with this effort the young generation would be able to make world a better place and they would live with love and affection. We look forward to educate child labor about this initiative.

We want to educate people living in below poverty line in the rural area about medicine and other medical treatment, so that they won't be deprived from the effective medical treatment. Due to the lack of good medical treatment many people die due to it.

Our initiative is to educate people about the economic condition and we want to spread awareness about being employed with the means of technology.

-Kundan Kumar Thakur