VBA Programing

Course Duration:- 30 hrs with Industry Expert Trainers

Delivery Mode:- Online/Offline

Course Contents

  • Getting Started with VBA
  • Writing your first VBA macro
  • Understaning abour VBA modules
  • VBA macro error and debugging
  • Working on Buttons, Toolbar, and Keybard
  • Selecting Cells, Active Cells, Range, and Offset
  • Selecting Cell by Absolute Position and Relatively
  • Working with workbook, Worksheet, and Chart
  • Variables
  • Working on Message Box
  • Working on User Input Box
  • Uses of With Statement
  • If statement
  • Select case statement
  • Loops (Do until, Do while, For next, For Each Loops)
  • Creating a new Function
  • Error Handling (On Error, Resume, GoTo)
  • Understanding about event procedure
  • Working with file and folder
  • Array
  • Creating Word, PDF, Powerpoint Presentation using excel VAB
  • Creating Outlook email
  • User Forms

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