MS Access

Course Duration:- 12 hrs with Industry Expert Trainers

Delivery Mode:- Online/Offline

Course Contents

Introduction to MS Access

  1. What is Database?
  2. What is Relational Database?
  3. Understanding about Table and Fields
  4. Starting and Opening an Existing Database
  5. Access layouts and loolbar

Creating a Database

  1. Creating a Database
  2. Creating a Table
  3. Data Types and Formats
  4. Setting Primary Key
  5. Mofifying a Table and Data Type
  6. Adding and Editing Records
  7. Saving Tables
  8. Understanding Different Types of Relationships
  9. Set Relationships between Tables
  10. Printing Tables
  11. Moving and Deleting Fields
  12. Deleting Records

Creating Forms

  1. Creating a Form Using AutoForm
  2. Creating a From Using the Form Wizard
  3. Adding Controls to a Form
  4. Modifying Controls Properties
  5. Resizing and Moving Controls
  6. Entering Records into a Form
  7. Create a Sub Form


  1. Creating a Query
  2. Specifying Criteria in a Query
  3. Sort Fields in a Query
  4. Use Expressions within the Query
  5. Multi Table Query
  6. Concatenation and Calculation

Designing a Report

  1. Creating a Report Using Auto Report
  2. Creating a Report Using Report Wizard
  3. Adding a Control to a Report
  4. Formatting a Report
  5. Resizing and Moving Controls
  6. Previewing and Printing Reports

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