Advance Excel

Course Duration:- 20 hrs with Industry Expert Trainers

Delivery Mode:- Online/Offline

Course Contents

  1. Intoduction to Excel
  2. Basic Concept of Menu and Toolbar
  3. Simple cells formatting(Insert, Rows, Columns, Sheets, Merge Cells)
  4. Cell Reference
  5. Conditional Fromatting with New Rules
  6. Define Name Range and Uses of Name Range
  7. Counting based on condition using (countif, countifs)
  8. Logical Function(IF, AND, OR, Not, Nestedif)
  9. Mathematical Functions
  10. Date & Time Functions.
  11. Financial Function
  12. Lookup and Reference Function
  13. Auto and Advance Filter
  14. Data Sorting based of color and value
  15. Subtotal
  16. Data Validation with custom rules
  17. Formula Auditing in excel
  18. Pivot Table and Charts
  19. Security and Protection options
  20. Data Import and Export between two files
  21. What if Analysis
  22. workbook sharing
  23. Basic concept fo Macro recording
  24. Revision and practical assesment

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