Computer Awareness Program

Cap is a Computer Awareness Program started by First Step Education and Welfare. Project CAP especially started for those students who are living in rural area. Behiand this project our main motive is that to provide free of cost basic computer literacy among students so that they can improve IT skills to perform well in modern society and compete with the urban area. This program will help to students in future prospect in the field of IT for getting good opportunities in private and govt. jobs.


Project CAP devided into three levels.

CAP (Level-A)

Duration:- 15 hrs


An Overview of Computer
Basic knowledge of Computer Operating System
Knowlege of Computer hardware
Knowledge of Window 7 Operating System
Start, Shutdown and Restart
Desktop, Icons, Recycle Bin, My Computer, My Documents
Minimizing, Maximizing, Resizing and Closing Windows
Running an Application
Working on Notpad and Paint
Knowledge of file and folders
Creating and renaming of file and folders
Moving and Deleting of file and folder
Creating a new word document
Opening an existing document
Editing and Saving a document
Typing a text, deleting, inserting, finding, replacing, copying and moving text
Bold, Italics, Underline, Strike, Double Strike and Colouring text
Formatting page, margins, page size, portrait and landscape
Bullets and Numbering
Changing character width and line spacing
Copy / moving text between two different documents